VS RPG is a long gestating project that I hope to bring to life here on this site. It’s a traditional role-playing game, and while there are a ton of them on the market already, this one will be completely mine. Will it be completely original? Oh, by no means could it be. I have been influenced heavily by every type of RPG an war-game that has been produced since the early 1980’s, and there is every possibility that some element of some game or another will pop up here.

My plan is to slowly work on the first game setting, Wyrdrealms, and to provide the game system as I develop it free of charge. If I end up with something cool that people enjoy, then by all means, let’s get it in print. Until then, let’s play.

Sections of the game will be posted in the lab as I work on the project, and will be linked here to make the whole thing easier to find!


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