Frostgrave Gnolls, Part One

The first set of Frostgrave minis I picked up was the multi-piece plastic kit from Northstar Miniatures. I have always been a sucker for multi part miniatures, and for $35 you get 20 little beasties to build and paint. That’s a really good value, and you get a lot of hobby time for the money!


My first gnolls just weren’t cutting it for me, though. You can see the paint job on the banner at the top of the page. They look fine, but something was missing. I was watching Planet Earth last week, and it dawned on me; these guys are hyena peeps, and hyenas have masks. I broke out the paints, and after a couple of hours of work and a few washes, this is how my gnolls look:

Now that’s more freaking like it! The big bruiser with the shield and spear is one of those AD&D cheapo pre-paints, but I like the fig and it can be painted up Real Purdy in very little time. The other 5 pups are from the Northstar kit. I have 15 more doggos to paint, but I’m going to get some color variation in there to break up the band visually.

The Frostgrave gnolls can be ordered at just about any FLGS, or you can contact the awesome peeps at my favorite store, Shiv Games here in Salt Lake City.

Zombicide: Green Horde is Here!

I came home today with a surprise on my stoop, a whole bunch of new Frostgrave figures!  ORC ZOMBIES!!! WOOHOO!!!

Okay, first things first: Cool Mini or Not is NOT messing around. This campaign wrapped just a couple of months back, and having the core box in hand this early was a bit of a treat. The main box looks great, nice and sturdy, too. Inside, there is another box with the real goodies tucked away…

The top tray has the hero figs, a trebuchet, the stat card holders, dice, pegs, and one of each zombie type with their Orcish Necromancer. The tray underneath? How about another 54 zombies? Hehehehe…

The heroes look great, too, with a lot of cool characters that will most likely find their way onto my Frostgrave table. That dwarf, for instance, doesn’t even know he was the missing piece in my dwarven warband. Speaking of Frostgrave…

ZOMBIES! Okay, I KNOW the board game is supposed to be cool as hell. I can’t wait to get in to it and play a few scenarios. I’ll even open up the components and do another post showing off the non-mini coolness that’s in the big box. But these zombies in Frostgrave? Oh, man. I cannot wait. Just having some different shufflers to put on the board makes me goofy in the goomba.

This is only the first wave, too. The next wave ships later in the year and has giants, more heroes, and more baddies. As Kickstarter campaigns go, this was a solid win.

The Great Yu-Jing Table, Part Two

This next piece took about four hours to put together, I think it might have taken a little less time but the PDF instructions were on the other end of a dead link…

This is the Xiguan Office Building from Warsenal, and it’s a beast of a model. I taped the insides together to hold everything in place, and then let the adventure build itself.


First off, it’s BIG. It’s also two models, since it comes with a set of stairs that you can put pretty much anywhere you want. There are some really neat details, too, from the window shutters down to the food kiosk out front.

Office 2

Oh, lordy. These stairs go right through the building, which means there is a lot of cover for models, and some cool strategic elements come into play, too. The molding above the roof is a really nice touch!

Office 3

Here you can see the top of the previous staircase, coming out on the back of the building. The narrow set of stairs goes to the top floor…

Office 4

… which is completely accessible by removing the roof. I think I see a nice spot for my Sin Eater to hang out when this is finished!

The Xiguan Office Building is one of the pricier kits Warsenal has, clocking in at $65 US. It’s a serious bit of kit, though, and I really think you’ll get plenty of return on your investment.

More pics to come as the model progresses!

The Great Yu-Jing Board, Part One

My friend Matt asked if I would take on a pretty big terrain project for a tournament at our favorite shop, Shiv Games. The project includes a whole bunch of MDF buildings from Warsenal, a company out of Florida that makes some of the nicest laser-cut projects I have ever set my eyes on.

I have finished two of the pieces so far, but there are some challenges to MDF terrain that put me on a pretty steep learning curve: first, you really shouldn’t paint the model after it’s been glued together, and you really can’t hold it together for painting without glue.

Today I put together this little shop, and realized that I could tape the insides of the building together to hold the whole thing together, which will help me not only prime the model, but take parts of it together when I don’t want to spend a lot of extra time masking off all the nooks and crannies. It’s a pretty sweet little building, and I’ll post progress shots of it as I work on it.

Shop 1

Spell Art, part One

My fixation on fantasy games and high contrast drawing continues. I decided to start drawing up image art for different types of spells, the first of which is for Absorb Knowledge. I dig this freaky little spell, the idea of a wizard just psychically consuming lore really gets my weirdy gears turning!

Absorb knowledge

I’m going to figure out a design that will use the art for spell cards, most likely for Frostgrave, but I figure these spells are pretty universal to fantasy gaming.

The Amulet of Wepwowet

Here’s a magical artifact I created for Frostgrave, feel free to use it in your games. The card is sized for a standard sports-card sized sleeve. If you have any requests for magic items or character cards, hit me up!

Amulet of Wepwawet

Amulet of Wepwawet (Cost 400 gold)

This amulet surfaced a century ago, found around the neck of the mummified remains of a caravan leader. The cadaver was riddled with arrows, with a ring of assumed assailants littered several paces away from the body. The amulet itself is crudely crafted out of dull gold, and prominently features a leering hyena on its face. Scholars researching the artifact reported feeling anxious when they were around it, with one researcher noting that he had observed his peers becoming immobilized with fits of manic laughter. The amulet was reported missing from the Minesterium Obscura  a decade ago, its current whereabouts unknown.

This magical amulet is infused with the spiritual essence of Wepwawet, the trickster god of the gnolls tribes. The wearer of the Amulet of Wepwawet gives off an aura of anxiety, and those that oppose the bearer’s goals may find themselves wracked with waves of spastic, manic laughter. Any opposing figure that moves within 4″ of the bearer will need to pass a Willpower check or they are immobilized with spasms of nervous laughter. The victim can defend themselves if attacked, but their turn is otherwise over. The Amulet of Wepwawet does not appear to affect the undead.

The Frostgrave Project, part 3

My first warband is finished, and I have written up my first roster. And I think rosters are boring as hell. So, I designed some cards to keep track of my warband on!

They’re designed to fold in half and slide into a regular sized sports card sleeve. I’m working on more designs for other magical disciplines in the game, but these have me pretty happy, and a lot more psyched for a game.

If you want to use the card design, feel free. I have attached the PDF below, so you can add whatever elements that make it work for your game!

Necro stat card Blank