Kings of War Project (part 1)

This is a funny one, because it’s a project about 20 years in the making. In 1999, my younger brother and I rediscovered Warhammer Fantasy Battles and the fantastic Mordheim. We were pretty instantly hooked, and spent just about every Monday evening for the better part of 2 years building terrain, painting minis, and rolling dice.

That Warhammer 5th Edition box was pretty hard to resist, with awesome Bretonian knights facing off against really sweet looking Lizardmen. The hobby was still pretty young, and finding a stockist wasn’t the easiest thing to do. But we had a blast, and really got into terrain building and army painting. Then Mordheim came out, and we fell off of the freaking planet with happiness.

Mordheim was the beginning of my obsession with skirmish games, and I must have painted up about a dozen warbands. My Sisters of Sigmar were an amazing group of fighters, and we had some amazingly fun games.

Sadly, since then, I haven’t been able to scratch that itch. Frostgrave came pretty close, but there was something missing. I’m not sure if it’s the mild goofiness of late ’90s Games Workshop, or the generic stats for soldiers, but it wasn’t quite there.

Frostgrave is a fun and brutal skirmisher, and still near and dear to me. But I’m looking for something a little more… monstery?

I tried Kings of War: Vanguard when it came out, but I really didn’t like the older Mantic miniatures, and got distracted by Wild West Exodus and Infinity, which both have excellent miniature ranges. Saga: Age of Magic was just too fiddly for me, but I still had a good game or two before moving on.

Some of these Dwarfs survived this Saga: Age of Magic battle and will be a regiment of Shieldbreakers!

But now… I have that itch again, and I think I’m finding some relief from Kings of War. I haven’t played a game yet, but the regiment building is bringing back some good old fashioned nostalgia in a big way!

Also, the game can cross over with Vanguard, with results from the smaller skirmish game potentially affecting the larger Kings of War game!

So, there you have it. I’m building my regiments of Dwarfs now, with a few rules baked in for fun. First, I want to use as many older models as possible. I have a ton of old GW Dwarfs that I can mix with some newer figs to bilk out a pretty sweet army.

Second, I want to be able to remove the regiment leaders to use for games of Vanguard, which I will be able to do by building the multi-base for the regiment with a magnetized slot for the leader. I’ll follow up with that on my next post!

Third, I need to finish the Dwarf army before I start the other five!

Until then, I have about a hundred miniatures that I need to finish up!

Nighthaunt Project (part 2)

The second part of the Nighthaunt project is this pair of ponies, which turned out waaaay better than I was hoping for!

I used my airbrush to blend a nice earth tone brown into an eerie green, then pulled out some ethereal highlights with a light blue gray. Then some rust effects for the metal, and I’m calling them good to go!

Next up, I’ll share the leader of this motley group! I have a ton more Nighthaunt I should finish up, they really are a lot of fun!

Nighthaunt Project part 1

I’m not a huge fan of Games Workshop these days, but I do have a weakness for about a third of the catalogue. The spin flier, weirder, and more far fetched the figure, the more likely that they’ll end up on my paint bench.

The Chainrasp Horrors weren’t the first Nighthuant models that I bought, but the were the first I finished! I employed a unique (to me) color scheme, and really had a lot of fun painting.

The weapons all got some fun rust effects, and a little dark glaze pulled the paint together! The bases were from a Patreon that I support, and the end result put a smile on my face!

Next up, ghost ponies!