Scratch-Build Fantasy Village Peoject

We’re self-quarantining through the apocalypse, but I also work in social services. So, I really can’t stay home and completely avoid human contact. So, I’m building a little escape.

My spare time is wide open, so I’ll be building a village to play games in when the End Times are over. And I want to test myself in the process.

I have built a lot of terrain in my life. This time around, I’m going with peeled foam coat as a base, and using hot glue to bind everything. I already love this as an alternative to glue!

I used a pencil to carve in the details, and an emery board to smooth things out. I decided to use wood glue to seal the foam, which I mixed with black paint so I could see if I missed anything.

After getting the test piece done, I decided to paint up the front to see how it looked… and I’m really, really happy!

I airbrushed a light coat of white from an angle, then washed the whole front with a simple glaze made from cheap paint, airbrush thinner, and acrylic floor polish. I went over certain areas with a similar glaze made from green ink to age things up a bit!

Next up I’ll go ahead and finish up the base since the experiment has made me happy!

Kalhana from The Drowned Earth

I don’t know if The Drowned Earth is a good game or not yet, but I love the setting and absolutely cherish the miniatures. Sure, it’s yet another post-apocalypse setting, but the model count per faction is pretty low, and what models there are look pretty amazing!

Kalhana is a big mutant heavy gunner from the Wayfarers faction, and he’s what sold me on the game. He’s really cool to look at, and a blast to paint!

I’m painting up the rest of the faction now, and they’re all a lot of fun. Terrain for The Drowned Earth should be a great deal of fun, too!

Thor from Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Gotta love Atomic Mass Games right now. Marvel Crisis Protocol hasn’t even been out 6 months yet, and the line up past the initial boxed set is impressive to say the least!

The Asgardians hit stores about a month ago, and as you can see, a certain Odinson isn’t messing around!

I spent a little extra time layering in some richness to the cape, and I’m still thinking of some lightning effects that I can work in. Other than that, Thor is another solid winner from Atomic Mass!

Bushido: Descension Starter Box

I didn’t even know about Bushido two weeks ago— but, as often happens at Shiv Games, word got out and we all went a little goofy in the head. I was absolutely gob-smacked by the Descension Starter set, which come with five stunning Tengu miniatures.

First up in the warband is Narahobo, who knows exactly how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop:

Why does he have a beard? Do I even care? He’s so cool!

Next comes Hirohito, he’s a spiffy crane dude:

To tie in with the reaper theme, I put the kanji symbol for death on his back:

Now we get to the three Suzume, starting with Honbo, who has a short bow:

He’s probably my favorite in the starter. He looks so regal and pissed!
I went i little overboard with the back of the cloak!

Here’s Shubo, who fights with a spear:

And finally, Seibo, who is probably my favorite in the starter. Yes, they’re all my favorite! Seibo fights with two daggers, and has amazing wings!

I really love the fighting claws he has on his talons!
These are the best wings in the box. So nicely sculpted!

We’ll be getting our first game of Bushido in shortly! Anyone want to see a battle report?