Bushido: Descension Starter Box

I didn’t even know about Bushido two weeks ago— but, as often happens at Shiv Games, word got out and we all went a little goofy in the head. I was absolutely gob-smacked by the Descension Starter set, which come with five stunning Tengu miniatures.

First up in the warband is Narahobo, who knows exactly how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop:

Why does he have a beard? Do I even care? He’s so cool!

Next comes Hirohito, he’s a spiffy crane dude:

To tie in with the reaper theme, I put the kanji symbol for death on his back:

Now we get to the three Suzume, starting with Honbo, who has a short bow:

He’s probably my favorite in the starter. He looks so regal and pissed!
I went i little overboard with the back of the cloak!

Here’s Shubo, who fights with a spear:

And finally, Seibo, who is probably my favorite in the starter. Yes, they’re all my favorite! Seibo fights with two daggers, and has amazing wings!

I really love the fighting claws he has on his talons!
These are the best wings in the box. So nicely sculpted!

We’ll be getting our first game of Bushido in shortly! Anyone want to see a battle report?

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