Scratch-Built Fantasy Village, Part 6

The first building is finally finished, and I could’nt be happier with how it turned out!

After the flock and shrubbery was secure, I added a couple of plastic railroad trees that I was able to twist in extremely twisty ways by soaking them in boiling water.

The rest of the piece was just a matter of concealing joins and gaps with shrubs.

After all of the flock was set, I poured clear resin into the moat for a water effect.

It’s a really fun piece, and will make for a thematic center-point for my games!

The Shambling Horde is Growing!

I have to admit something– I am allowing myself to go “full geek” on my upcoming Rangers of Shadow Deep campaign. I am also changing a few of the rules I set earlier, but I’ll get to that in a minute.


The first scenario that I am going to play involves my Ranger and her crew searching for clues about a missing Ranger… and a town full of missing people. The scenario calls for a load of zombies, so I loaded a set of five into the Mars and got them painted up the next day.


I went with a rough and ready paint scheme with lots of glazes. I wanted the skin to look leathery and mummified, and the metals to look really weathered.


I also lucked out this month since Titan Forge has a bunch of undead up for this month’s Patreon subscribers, so I got some pretty great and pretty fresh minis for the game.


That brings me to the first rule I am “breaking” for my campaign! I was only going to allow minis that I had printed, but printing and painting a whole slew of zombies was going to take forever. Plus, I have a bunch of orc zombies from Zombicide just gathering dust, so I am allowing 32mm figs that I already own for horde groups like zombies. Plus, I love the Zombicide figs, so I’m happy to get them going. I’m going to print some new bases for them so they fit the theme a little better, and I’ll have a post for them up shortly.

I will be posting Sundays and Wednesdays from here on out, so I’ll be back on Wednesday with the nerdiest damned project I’ve taken on yet. See you soon!



Zombicide: Green Horde is Here!

I came home today with a surprise on my stoop, a whole bunch of new Frostgrave figures!  ORC ZOMBIES!!! WOOHOO!!!

Okay, first things first: Cool Mini or Not is NOT messing around. This campaign wrapped just a couple of months back, and having the core box in hand this early was a bit of a treat. The main box looks great, nice and sturdy, too. Inside, there is another box with the real goodies tucked away…

The top tray has the hero figs, a trebuchet, the stat card holders, dice, pegs, and one of each zombie type with their Orcish Necromancer. The tray underneath? How about another 54 zombies? Hehehehe…

The heroes look great, too, with a lot of cool characters that will most likely find their way onto my Frostgrave table. That dwarf, for instance, doesn’t even know he was the missing piece in my dwarven warband. Speaking of Frostgrave…

ZOMBIES! Okay, I KNOW the board game is supposed to be cool as hell. I can’t wait to get in to it and play a few scenarios. I’ll even open up the components and do another post showing off the non-mini coolness that’s in the big box. But these zombies in Frostgrave? Oh, man. I cannot wait. Just having some different shufflers to put on the board makes me goofy in the goomba.

This is only the first wave, too. The next wave ships later in the year and has giants, more heroes, and more baddies. As Kickstarter campaigns go, this was a solid win.