The Secret Santa Project 2020

I know the pandemic has been horrifying on so many levels. There has been a catastrophic loss of life, and the economic hardships so many people around the world have been facing is truly heartbreaking. When thinking about those issues, it’s kind of hard to feel too bad about not being able to get together with friends to roll some dice.

But DAMMIT, I miss getting together with my game crew. They’re a great bunch of people, and they really help me blow off some steam at the end of a long work week!

So, this past Holiday we decided we would do a Secret Santa within our game club, where anyone who was willing to paint a standard sized mini would also be able to get a standard sized mini painted for them by someone in the group.

I seriously love everyone in this group, so I would be happy to paint something for any single one of them! And not having to paint part of the Pile of Shame? Sign me the freak up!

Who wouldn’t want to paint a mini of this guy? Say hi to Kur Keela from Mantic’s Star Saga!

I picked a cool Mantic mini from my backlog and dropped him off at Shiv Games, and then picked up the mini I was supposed to paint. I wasn’t surprised to see that I would be painting an Infinity model, since our shop is such an Infinity intensive group. I brought my project home, got to work, and three weeks later, it was time to see who had painted my mini!

I was shocked. My friend Randon is one of the best painters I know, and he ended up getting my turtle dude to paint. Now I have a badass mini with a badass paint job from a really good friend! While we may not be able to get together to game, this whole experience was a really cool one for all of us!

Tomorrow, I’ll share pics of the mini I painted for my friend Brock!