Guillermo del Toro Exhibit at LACMA

Guillermo del Toro has directed some of my favorite movies in the horror movie genre. His style blends iconic gothic imagery in the classic Hammer horror style with a vivid love of color and fairy tales. Pan’s Labyrinth, the Devil’s Backbone, and Crimson Peak all deliver plenty of scares, but immerse you in such beautiful landscapes that you almost forget to jump when the monsters come out.

Film Still from Crimson Peak, 2016 c Legendary/Universal

Guiellermo del Toro’s work has been a huge influence on me as an illustrator. His movies have an extraordinary visual narrative to them, and I swear visually creative people are seeing an entirely different movie than your standard film-goer. I have spent many hours in slack-jawed reverence over his Cabinet of Curiosities book, just studying a master at work. To be able to see the man’s work in person would probably reduce me to tears.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art has collaborated with del Toro to showcase an assortment of artifacts from his personal collection; del Toro has been collecting memorabilia from horror movies made over the past century, as well as sketch pages and artifacts from his own films.

The layout of the exhibit is like a maze, with props from Hellboy displayed nearby wax statues of Frankenstein’s monster. Each section of the maze is laid out thematically, and del Toro’s personal touch is apparent throughout. Just thinking about this collection makes my head spin!

Picture from

Guillermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters runs at the LACMA until November 27th, 2016. Look for me desperately trying to hide behind the Boris Korloff bust… I just want to live there…

For more pictures and information, check out this article on Make-Up Artist Magazine.


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