Hellboy Featured in this Month’s Lootcrate!!!

Ugh. I really, really hate Lootcrate. You never have any idea of what you’re going to get. You might get a cool Funko POP! figure, or a cool and unique Power Rangers shirt. There is usually a pretty nifty thing or two in each box, but the rest of the stuff? Pretty much landfill.

“Mike Mignola drew me, which makes me cooler than most people will ever be.”

But this month Lootcrate has an anti-hero theme, and Hellboy has been promised as a featured item. I FREAKING LOVE HELLBOY. Mike Mignola is one of the Holy Three, guys. And there might be a super-cool Hellboy something or other. Or it might be Hellboy toilet paper. I am really super torn on this one.

Interested? Braver than me? Here is the link to the August Lootcrate. If I were a braver man, kids, this wouldn’t even be a hesitation on my behalf. I’ve been burned before on these things… The whole shebang shuts down at 9pm PST on August 19th.

Some day, just for fun, I will tell the story of when I met Mike Mignola. Seriously, one of three times in my life that words wouldn’t come out of my mouth. But that is a story for another day.

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