Marvel Crisis Protocol: The Winter Soldier

The story of the Winter Soldier is not only one of my favorites from the MCU movies, I really loved the comics version as well.

Ed Brubaker did the unthinkable when he brought Bucky back from the dead. The running logic in the late ’90s was that pretty much any character death at Marvel could be un-done, except Uncle Ben Parker and Bucky Barnes.

After Bucky came back, I spent a bit of time wondering if Uncle Ben was going to stroll back through the door and scold Peter for making him wait at the library.

I wasn’t initially thrilled with the Winter Soldier sculpt for Marvel Crisis Protocol, but once I got it put together and painted up, my mind changed pretty quick. He’s a great looking figure, and I can’t wait to see how he plays!

Marvel Crisis Protocol, Part One

We got our demo copy of Marvel Crisis Protocol at Shiv Games Games today, and I wasted no time at all diving in to the box. It’s a pretty impressive affair, with ten Marvel characters, rules, tokens, and terrain crammed into the box;

I’ll have more on the minis after I get them painted, but I can honestly say I am really happy with the look and quality of the miniatures. The hard plastic looks great, and they are pretty easy to put together with the included instructions.

I would say the quality of the sculpts is a bit higher than Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars: Legion, but not quite as crisp as Wyrd’s Malifaux line. You also don’t need an engineering degree to put them together, so take that, Malifaux!

The minis took about three hours to Assemble (pun intended), and they look fantastic after a quick zenithal priming session!

I’ll be tackling the paint jobs on these beautiful figs in the next installment!