Star Wars Legion Commission,part One.

Chris asked me to paint up the Rebels he had picked up for the Star Wars Legion game that Fantasy Flight Games just released. The figures themselves are 32mm scale, and are a lot of fun to put together and paint. For the first two squads of troops I drew some inspiration from the Art of Rogue One book:

I mirrored the colors on the second squad for the AT-RT:

And for Luke, Chris wanted something a little different, so I painted Luke up in black tones for his fatigues:

Chris wanted to do the basing himself, and the final figures really look great!

2 thoughts on “Star Wars Legion Commission,part One.

    1. Imperial assault figs are a little smaller, I think 28mm vs. the 32mm figs in the Legion set. The Legion figures have a little more detail, and a lot less repetition, which is nice. There are 7 unique sculpts for the rebels and the Imperials, and with a little arm swapping here and there you can break that up even more!


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